Teach Spanish to children in your setting in an exciting and holistic way. We provide quality educational activities with all the necessary resources and EYFS links, saving you time and money!

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How can Nano Spanish Club benefit you?

  • Stimulate your children’s cognitive development, create cross cultural awareness and build confidence
  • Help your setting stand out by offering a further enhanced curriculum
  • Offer additional valuable training for your staff (Continuing Professional Development)
  • Have flexibility to fit the activity around your planning and budget (accessible at all times and to all children/child lead activity)
  • Offer the possibility of further involvement of families in the children’s learning
  • Facilitate the use of technology in the classroom (ICT in Early Years)

Nano Spanish Club can show you how to teach Spanish to children through

  • Interactive Videos

    Our videos introduce the topics each month. They are fun and encourage children to participate. They can be watched by the children as a group activity and be used by the teachers as a tutorial to introduce topics.

  • Illustrated vocabulary with sounds

    Children and teachers can click on the pictures to hear the words. A guide on how to say words and it can be used as a daily activity asking the children and letting them check to practice the moths vocabulary.

  • Songs and song Lyrics

    Music is a perfect way of introducing and learning a new language. We also provide the lyrics and translations so the teachers can work with the songs and use them successfully. All videos with songs have lyrics in English and Spanish as Closed Captions.


  • Resources

    step by step teacher guides, illustrations to introduce and reinforce the topics. Many tips and ideas to implement the learning in other areas, encouraging a holistic exposure to the language. Extra activities to promote creativity, outside playing and exploring, literacy and much more.