Children learn languages best when they're young.

Join Nano Spanish Club and learn through music, activities and play.

What is online Nano Spanish Club?

Our Spanish for children Club is the only online course that provides a structured and guided programme to help you and your children or children at your Early Years setting,  learn Spanish together, even if you can't speak the language! We offer easy to follow resources so learning is fun for all!

  • Interactive videos

    Great videos that will make children participate and have a lot of fun learning.

  • Clickable illustrations to learn vocabulary

    Children are able to click on the illustrations and listen to the words.

  • Songs and songs's lyrics

    Children love our songs and parents or teachers will find the lyrics useful to help with the learning.

  • Extra activities

    Great worksheet for colouring or cutting and sticking that enhance our topics. Early Year settings will find complete lesson guides and plenty of ideas to expand the learning.

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As a Parent ...

  • You know that learning a second languages is invaluable for your children's development
  • You speak Spanish, but can't find the time to prepare fun activities or lessons
  • You want to have more Spanish activities to do at home

Nano Spanish Club can help you and your children learn Spanish together

What parents say about us ...

We love it! It’s a great extension to the classes, but also works as a stand-alone way of learning. Alba is still a bit young for the activities (she likes ‘colouring’ the worksheets though!) but she LOVES the videos; they are just the right length to hold her attention, really catchy, with lots of great vocabulary! The best thing is we can access it at anytime so we can do a little bit each day, to keep up her Spanish learning. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend membership 

Despite neither me or my husband being Spanish, my 18 month old has loved this class for the past 4 months.

Lots of singing and dancing with plenty of interaction and activity. To my surprise she has picked up lots of words and can do the actions to many of the Spanish songs.

I think this class is fab for general language development and has really enhanced her confidence.

Josefina has a way of making these sessions fun, creative and enjoyable for parents too and my daughter is picking up more and more Spanish each week. They are just the right length so the little ones manage to stay focused throughout and Nano’s presence helps involve those shyer toddlers who are just getting started.

Thanks Josefina!!

We love the online club, it’s great to have something we can do at home and Lexi has really picked up the songs and vocabulary. We log on every afternoon and pick our favourite songs to watch or we go through the worksheets and talk about the pictures in Spanish. Having the club has been a great continuation of Nanos Spanish classes and means we have started to be able to use some Spanish in our everyday life!

Your classes are amazing. I can see Mia is enjoying them so much and gaining from them a lot.

I honestly think you really know how to grab all the little children’s attention and make every class entertaining and educational! I’m learning too haha !

My 15 month old has a great time singing, dancing and painting all while learning a few words in Spanish too.

I’d recommend it to anyone who wants their kids to learn a foreign language in a fun and engaging way.

Josefina makes learning a language fun.

My 1-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter love the songs and activities and, after a few weeks, my daughter had picked up quite a few words and was singing the songs to herself in the bath!

Join us for great Spanish for kids resources!


I am Josefina, founder of Nanos Spanish, a program for children aged one to six years old where we aim to introduce a second language through games, action songs and educational activities.

I am a qualified language teacher with a creative and active approach to teaching and a mother of 2, Gloria and Oscar.

After teaching Spanish language for over 10 years in a London school and leading the school’s Language Department, I became very aware of the importance of an early introduction to languages, which has been my ethos to create Nanos Spanish.

Nano loves...

  • Great music videos for young groovers

    Our friends from Teddies Music Club do a great job providing children with quality songs, fun topics and all the children need to get up and dance with Zita and Claire.

    Super recommended by us.

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