Nano Spanish classes at Early Years settings work extremely well with our structured programme.

Toddlers and pre-schoolers are always very enthusiastic about their Spanish classes and their progress is remarkable.

How can Nano Spanish Classes benefit you?

  • We provide children with an exceptional early years educational experience, covering all areas of the EYFS.
  • According to the latest research, exposure to bilingual environments should be considered a significant factor in the early development of attention in infancy and could set the stage for lifelong cognitive benefits
  • Offer parents a valued activity that they will appreciate
  • Give parents the chance to opt in access to our home resources to continue the learning
  • Share what we are learning on your parent's communication system

Have a look at some of our Nurseries testimonials

"We ran Spanish as a temporary activity whilst one of our activity teachers was on maternity leave, and we enjoyed it so much that we shuffled our activities around so we could accommodate it permanently on our activity syllabus. The children really enjoy  because it involves lots of music, singing and dancing. It keeps them occupied for the duration of the class because it’s interactive and involves lots of movement, so they don’t become bored. The teacher is really lovely, so sweet with the children and so enthusiastic about what she teaches – the children are mesmerised from start to finish!"

"Josefina creates interactive and very stimulating activities which help the children learn Spanish key words in a very informal, playful and natural manner. The children have made clear and very noticeable progress in their Spanish communication skills"

Josefina Garcia is currently teaching Spanish at both of my nursery schools with the 2 to 5 year olds.
The children love her and have great fun in her classes. Lots of singing, chatting and games. They have learnt a lot in a very short time and look forward to her arrival for the lesson. She also brings a bag of props that she uses in the lessons.
I couldn’t recommend Josefina more highly as she is an excellent teacher and very caring towards the children.

"When a former parent suggested that we have Nanos spanish lessons at 345 we thought we would give it go! From the first taster session we knew it was a winner! Josefina is delightful, she puts the fun into learning – every lesson is full of action songs, activities and new vocabulary all delivered with a lovely warm personality and a huge smile! Josefina has that unique abiility to switch to another activity quickly so that the children are never restless and are always totally engaged. It is certainly a highlight of the week for staff and children alike and the parents are thrilled with the Spanish snippets that come home!"

"The children continue to enjoy Ana’s classes and a few of the parents have said that their children go home and talk about the new words they have learnt."

Frequently asked questions


  • q-iconYes please, what do I do now?

    Amazing! get in touch with to organise your groups.

  • q-iconHow much does it cost?

    Our class fee is £65 an hour with a minimum booking of 2 groups of 30 minutes or 3 of 20 minutes each.

    You can offer this activity as optional and parents can book through me.

  • q-iconWhat ages are best to do this activity?

    Babies have an incredible innate ability to learn different languages, they can hear and discern sounds with amazing accuracy in spite of not being able to reproduce them just yet. Therefore we do plan classes with babies in mind. These are very sensory based too.

    Toddlers love our classes, they are very interactive and enthusiastic about their learning.

    Pre school children love to learn and sing the songs and are eager to display and share what they learn.

  • q-iconAre the classes on term time?

    Yes, we plan our terms and half terms inline the schools term times.