You will find 2 levels on our membership.

  • Level 1 is designed as in intro to Spanish with topics that children from 1 to 4 year olds will love but from other members feedback even if your child is 5 or 6 it's a good way to start.
  • Level 2 is a progress from level 1 with longer video content and focusing to expand vocabulary and construct phrases.

You will always find the learning objectives so you can help your child to focus on them.

The symbols at the top of the section will indicate if it is a video or audio vocabulary to click and hear the words

Our printable worksheets will add on to present the learning in a different context and support Early years development skills.

In this sample you will find a selection of content from both levels.

Here is a sample of Level 1 content

Don't forget to press the CC closed captions sign on the video's bottom left to see the song lyrics in Spanish and English.


Buenos días. Good morning

Click on the symbols for instructions

buenos días

Grande y pequeño. Big and Small

un elefante

Here is a sample of Level 2 content

En la ciudad. In the city

In this first video children will learn the greeting ‘good morning’ in Spanish: Buenos días.

In the second video we will learn about the sizes big (grande) and small (pequeño) and the animals elephant (elefante) and mouse (ratón)


  • Remember to greet your child in the morning in Spanish too. If your child is confident tell others (family, friends teachers at nursery) she/he can greet them in Spanish too to expand the use of language and feel proud about it.
  • Take all the opportunities you get to ask your child about sizes: ¿es grande o pequeño? ¿es grande,mediano o pequeño? (is it big or small?)

On our trip to the city we will be learning what can we find in the city: what’s there in the city? (¿Qué hay en la ciudad?).

in the city there are… (en la ciudad hay autobuses) the bus (el autobus)

There are taxis (hay taxis) the taxi (el taxi)

There are tubes (hay el metro) the tube (el metro)

  • Take the language outside, ask your child what the different vehicles or transport he/she sees are called in Spanish.
  • Once they are confident with vocabulary encourage them to say a sentence: es un coche/tren …  you could ask:¡Mira! ¿Qué es eso? (look! waht is that)
  • If you can ask more things about the vehicles, do: ¿es grande,mediano o pequeño?


Activities, song lyrics and video hub


You will be able to access our resource library with your membership as well our song lyrics and our video hub.

Here is a sample of a worksheet

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