Games to learn Spanish with your children. Babies, toddlers and pre schoolers.

Spanish South West London

Playing games is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to learn or practice Spanish with your children. One great benefit about learning additional languages in early childhood is that children who learn another language before age five use the same part of the brain to acquire that second language that they use to…

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Print out Spanish activity bank and other resources.

As we are reviewing our offering I want to offer you a print out activity bank. find it below and get in touch for more resources. I can’t believe we have reached July! The end of March created such a confusing and challenging situation for us that it seems strange to think that we can…

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Becoming bilingual: time, techniques and opportunities with a newborn

Becoming bilingual

Is becoming bilingual a realistic aspiration for parents and children with only partial exposure to one of the languages? As a language teacher and mother of two multilingual children, the answer is yes. It is, of course, not an easy path, but one that is worth all the effort. I have been meeting other parents…

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3 great books for summer reading and learning Spanish with your little ones

read and learn Spanish

I want to share with you these 3 great books for summer reading and learning Spanish with your little ones. From early infancy, reading to your baby begins to teach her to recognise the sounds and rhythm of language and to feel that cuddling with you and reading books is comforting and fun. You can…

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