3 Crafts to practice your Spanish Christmas words

3 crafts to parctice your Spanish Christmas words

In this blog post you will find 3 Christmas crafts to practice your Spanish Christmas vocabulary.

The days are very short now and we all need some ideas to entertain the children, I hope you like this crafty Christmas decorations that you can also use to practise your Spanish.

1. Paper plates Christmas tree: Árbol de Navidad de papel

What we need:
• 1 paper plate: un plato de papel
• Colour crayons or paint: ceras de colores o pintura
• Cello tape: cello
• Glue: pegamento
• String or wool: cuerda o lana
• Hole puncher or a pen to make holes on the plate: perforador o bolígrafo
• Pompoms or stickers: pompones o pegatinas

How to do it:
Paint your paper plate. What colour will you choose? Let’s remember some colours in Spanish:

Rojo; red
Verde: green
Amarillo: yellow
Azul: blue

Make holes through the rugged plate edges to thread the string or wool though them. Stick the string or wool at the back with cello tape.
Stick the 3 parts of the plates together to form a tree shape from biggest to smallest.
Decorate with pompoms or stickers.

Click here for more pictures and the instructions in Spanish. This is a great resource for crafts!



2. Paper rolls Christmas Stars or snowflakes: Estrellas de Navidad o copos de nieve de cartón.

What we need:
• Kitchen roll or any cardboard rolls: tubos de cartón
• Colour crayons, paint or glitter: ceras de colores, pintura o purpurina
• Glue: pegamento
• String or wool: cuerda o lana

How to do it:
Cut the cardboard rolls to have thinner rings.
Decide which colour you want to paint them, see above to revise your Spanish colours.
Stick 5 rings together to shape a star or Snowflake and tie the string or wool around one.


Click here to access helpful pictures

3. Paper Christmas wreath: corona de Navidad de papel
What we need:

• Paper plate: plato de papel
• Green and red tissue paper or crepe: Papel de seda o papel pinocho verde y rojo
• Scissors: tijeras
• Glue: pegamento
• Red bow: lazo rojo

How to do it:
An adult can cut off the centre of the paper plate and prepare tissue paper strips.
Stick one bit of the paper strip to the plate rim and go round with it until the paper is covered
Scrunch pieces of paper and stick them around the plate rim.
Make little red balls with the red tissue paper and stick them in the middle of the “paper flowers”.
Stick or attach the red bow or make one with the crepe paper.

Spanish Christmas vocabulary:

1. Árbol de Navidad

2.  Estrella de Navidad

3. Copo de nieve

4. Corona de Navidad

Don’t forget to show us your decorations, you can share them in our FB group or post the here.

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Merry christmas

Feliz Navidad

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