Craft ideas to practice your Spanish autumn vocabulary

These craft ideas will help you practice your Spanish autumn vocabulary.

Children love crafts and parents generally do too, unless you expect it to be incredibly messy and out of control… or maybe that’s just me…

While doing a craft activity, children are focused because they have to use their hands and manipulate new textures in a different way. It is the perfect time to encourage the use of language too, describe what they are doing, what they need to do, the things they are working with ect. From a second language teaching point of view it works exactly the same, emphasising the vocabulary you want them to learn or reinforce.

I have chosen 3 of my favourite autumn craft activities that you can do with your children and use some Spanish autumn vocabulary too.

The hedgehog and the leaves. El erizo y las hojas.

  1. Go to a park and collect a lot of leaves. If you are looking to encourage their Spanish ask them: where are the leaves: ¿Dónde están las hojas?
  2. When you get home you can sort all your leaves in colours. There will sure be some: verde (green) marrón (brown), Amarillo (yellow), rojo (red) and maybe even naranja (orange)
  3. Get a plain piece of paper and some glue and draw a little hedgehog.
  4. Let the children stick the leaves on the Hedgehog.

Find here how it would look like along with other activities.

Painting with Nature. Pintar con objetos naturales.

  1. Time to go out again to find some pine cones and conkers (Piñas y castañas) To encourage their Spanish say: we are looking for pine cones/ conckers!: Buscamos Piñas/ castañas
  2. Count them together both in your language and Spanish.
  3. When you get home, prepare your table for some messiness! put some different colour paint on  paper plates and get some plain paper.
  4. Let the children dip the pine cones and conkers in the paint and roll them on the plain paper to create some beautiful designs! Here is a picture and a link to similar activities.

Autumn tree: Arbol de otoño

  1. This one is also good to stick leaves on,  or the following option for a second option.
  2. Draw the shape of a tree on a plain piece of paper.
  3. Get some corks, a paper plate and some different colours paint.
  4. The children can dab the corks in the colours and dab on the tree to simulate leaves.

You can practise your autumn colours in English and Spanish: verde (green) marrón (brown), Amarillo (yellow) ,rojo (red) and maybe even naranja (orange).

Here is an example of this activity and ideas for others

I hope you enjoy this autumn craft ideas and share your works of art on our FB group!

For more activities and ideas to learn and practise Spanish with your children, have a look at our membership

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