Welcome to our vocabulary page for Educare Nursery and Montessori school.

Our classes at your child's nursery are active and interactive and aim to introduce Spanish as an additional language or support the home language if you speak Spanish at home.

Children are very keen learners and will learn fast but will can also forget fast; I have provided you also with some tips on how you can support their language learning at home.

I want to support parents and children in their language learning journey and will very happy to answer any questions you might have.

Learning a language at early childhood will not only provide them with great foundations to continue learning but will open their minds to new things, encourage an active curiosity towards the unknown which will support so many other learning skills.


Summer term

Summer 1 2021

Summer 2 2021


Suggestions to keep the learning at home: Summer 1

Wake your children up with a 'good morning' 'buenos días' and say good night with 'buenas noches'

Play to ask their toys/dolls/figures 'what is your name?' ¿cómo te llamas? they can pretend to answer for them: me llamo...

Talk about the weather when you go out or looking out of the window.

Remember to point out the animals we are learning when you see them on a book or going outside. you can ask the children how is it called in Spanish: ¿Cómo se llama en español? (pointing to the animal) or ¿Cómo se dice bird en español?. You can also ask how do they move: ¿Cómo se mueven los peces?

If you are going out with your scooter you can ask where is the scooter/bike/helmet: ¿dónde está el patinete /la bici/ el casco? or ask them to put on their helmet: ponte el casco. You could use this too for all they need to put on - shoes, coat..- ponte los zapatos/abrigo.



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