Give it a go, learn Spanish with your children

learn spanish with children

It is time to give it a go! Learn Spanish with your children.

You learned a language at school, you loved playing around with the different sounds in your mouth, a bit like chewing gum:

“Bonjour mon ami” pursing your lips, bringing the ‘r’ down to your throat, giving your hair a flick in real French Style.

“venga chicos!!” doing a bit of an Ole move at the end. “Andiamo signori! La stracciatella é molto buona ” hands flying in the air, singing your sentence in bouncy tones.

“Guten Tag, Ich heisse Frau Merkel” getting all serious reporting for duty.

Well, it was fun, wasn’t it? It is like playing a part in a play, or becoming someone different for bit, it was a bit of a game.

Well, that’s it, why not keep playing?? This is the best way to learn Spanish with your children.


learn spanish with your children


The other day we talked about why it is important for nurseries to offer language learning activities.

This time it is your turn! You are the person that children most like to play with, yes, really, and you will feel very good about yourself by being educational and extremely entertaining.

Do not worry about getting the pronunciation completely right or even saying the right thing, when your children are older and confident language learners it will be no big deal when they find out that ‘les ciceaux’ meant scissors in French and not’ the sea salt’ as you mum/dad use to tell them.

Learn together, it will be fun, start with just words, if you don’t know the words you need, google translate is your friend.

Choose a time when you are all together, say the words that you can see, touch, use.  Context is everything in language learning.

Summer is getting closer, you might be travelling abroad, even better! Get ready together to learn a few words that you will be able to use.

And remember it is a bit like a game so really, go for it! exaggerate your words, play with them, don’t be shy! Are you ready to learn Spanish with your children?

If you would like to have a look at our special program to help parents teach Spanish to children, go here. 

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