Learning outside the box

learning outside the box

At Nanos Spanish we love everything to do with languages and we are proud to be part of a community with great projects promoting them, particularly if it also involves learning outside the box.

In this blog post we want to let you know about our friends from Pencil and Fork who are not only passionate about languages but offer so much more in their umbrella of experiences.

With them you could learn Spanish, French or Italian through cooking. Based on a practice-conversations-model with a native facilitator, Pencil and Fork does not follow an academic system, so be prepared to learn from out of the box.

David and his team of international professionals, are passionate about teaching and sharing their expertise using food as vehicle in the learning process.

Here is bit of what they offer:

How does a Deconstructed Molecular Cocktails workshop sound? Learn how to blends physics and chemistry to transform an ordinary cocktail into an innovative experience.

Other experiences include EVOO Tasting (Extra Virgen Olive Oils) with molecular gastronomy techniques, Vegan molecular gastronomy workshop, Tapas and wine networking events, Cooking Paella in Spanish and a lot more, check them out here!

If you are looking to learn about food in Spain, Pencil and Fork also organises Gastro trips, the next ones coming in September to Bilbao or La coruña.

David is the founder of Pencil & Fork, before known as Cooking Your Spanish. Everything started on November 2012 in his kitchen in Worcester Park (Greater London). He with his wife Ana and his brother Valentín were discussing how to be more involved within the new community where we decided to live. In that kitchen and from these conversations “Cooking Your Spanish” was born. They decided to run a pilot in January 2013 and from the excellent feedback they received from the first group of students, “learn Spanish making tapas” came out to teach Spanish out of the box. The concept was there and now Pencil & Fork is talking it over to spread our methodology teaching any subject under our motto: learn, eat, enjoy.

David has twenty years of experience in developing and providing training. He has been working in Chicago, developing bilingual training programs and dynamics for the Community Colleges of Chicago, University Illinois of Chicago and St. Augustine College. He managed a project along with the Instituto Cervantes of Chicago and St. Augustine College to develop Vocational Spanish courses to address the need of English speakers working with Spanish speakers in the US.

David has a master’s degree in Chemistry from Salamanca University; he is a Certified from Harvard University in Science and Cooking.

It is great to count ourselves in this language promoting network.

We help young learners taking their first steps in learning Spanish.

Our SW London classes are a gentle and fun introduction of the language or a support for parents that already speak Spanish at home. Find out about our classes here.

If you are not in SW London our online Spanish course for toddlers and pre school children can be what you are looking for.



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