Are you learning Spanish with your children? These tips on TV programmes can help

Learning Spanish with your children

Learning Spanish with your children could be your great plan from this summer. A fantastic way to spend time together doing something educational and fun.

We have a lot of tips on our blog to help out and today I want to share some educational programmes that can add to your learning Spanish with your children’s plan.

These programmes have been created by Early Years education experts and they are not too overwhelming language wise.

Watching short educational programmes offers the advantage of spreading the language exposure contexts as well as hearing the language from different sources, something I believe aids the learning process.

All these programmes are available in English and Spanish so they could watch it in both languages.

My recommendation to reinforce your learning Spanish with your children would be to watch a programme together, comment on some words or sentences to help the children and then find different occasions to repeat those words or sentences referring back to the programme you watched together.

Here are my 3 favourite programmes to watch together and learn Spanish with your children. Let me know how it is working out:

  1. Plaza Sesamo
  2. Pocoyo
  3. Twirlywoos

Have you found any other programmes that you and your children enjoy? Let us know to spread the word.

Happy learning!


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