Spanish for young children

Spanish for young children

September is a great time to plan and start new projects, we have a great Spanish programme for young children. why not learn a language Spanish with us?

We have been working hard to welcome you to our club, the doors are now open, everything is ready to start learning Spanish with us.

“Science indicates that babies’ brains are the best learning machines ever created, and that infants’ learning is time-sensitive. Their brains will never be better at learning a second language than they are between 0 and 3 years of age,” said co-author Patricia Kuhl, co-director of I-LABS (University of Washington Institute of Learning & Brain Sciences) and a UW professor of speech and hearing sciences.

There is no better time than now, join Nano Spanish Club!

Nano Spanish club is a progressive, well planned programme that will successfully introduce Spanish to your toddler or pre-schooler.

In my many years as a teacher, I have learnt very valuable things from my students and the one that has always been a success is that children will learn anything by being involved.

I use my programme in all my toddler and pre-school classes and the best guaranty of success is watching the children getting involved and having a lot of fun.

Nano Spanish Club is based on this programme and the aim is that no matter how busy you are, or how difficult it is to plan and attend classes, you will be able to make the most of of your children’s inner ability to learn languages with us.

If you attend a local class the Club will offer that extra exposure time.

Every month you will be able to access different topics on a colourful document that you can look at with your children, a set of interactive videos featuring action songs to illustrate the months topics and a number of worksheets that you can do together to reinforce vocabulary.

You will be able to do as much or as little as you can, and we will have a support FB group for all your questions and with further videos and games to make the most of the programme.

The membership will run monthly and you will be able to stop it at any time and pick it up again at your convenience.

Are you ready now? Join us!


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