Teach Spanish to your toddler

Toddler- hood the best time to learn September can be a great time to start something new, why not teach Spanish to your toddler. The idea might sound a bit crazy when you think that they are only starting to speak their first language, but this is exactly why it is the optimal time to…

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5 Great YouTube Channels to Learn Spanish

5 great youtube channels to learn Spanish

This blog post is for you, parents, here is a list of 5 great youtube channels to learn Spanish. Language learning is not an easy task and lots of factor come into play to make a success of it but if you already find yourself spending some of your time looking at Youtube videos why…

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Give it a go, learn Spanish with your children

learn spanish with children

It is time to give it a go! Learn Spanish with your children. You learned a language at school, you loved playing around with the different sounds in your mouth, a bit like chewing gum: “Bonjour mon ami” pursing your lips, bringing the ‘r’ down to your throat, giving your hair a flick in real…

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