Print out Spanish activity bank and other resources.

As we are reviewing our offering I want to offer you a print out activity bank. find it below and get in touch for more resources. I can’t believe we have reached July! The end of March created such a confusing and challenging situation for us that it seems strange to think that we can…

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Q&A: How Nano Spanish club can offer extra learning at home

On this blog post we are showcasing one of our parents using Nano Spanish club as an extra learning resource at home. Jimmy comes to our Monday classes with his 2 year old son, Séamus, and signed up to the online membership before the summer to continue the language exposure at home and to share…

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Learning outside the box

learning outside the box

At Nanos Spanish we love everything to do with languages and we are proud to be part of a community with great projects promoting them, particularly if it also involves learning outside the box. In this blog post we want to let you know about our friends from Pencil and Fork who are not only…

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