Games to learn Spanish with your children. Babies, toddlers and pre schoolers.

Spanish South West London

Playing games is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to learn or practice Spanish with your children. One great benefit about learning additional languages in early childhood is that children who learn another language before age five use the same part of the brain to acquire that second language that they use to…

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Print out Spanish activity bank and other resources.

As we are reviewing our offering I want to offer you a print out activity bank. find it below and get in touch for more resources. I can’t believe we have reached July! The end of March created such a confusing and challenging situation for us that it seems strange to think that we can…

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Harnessing the dizzying power of digital

The power of digital When I was a child, ‘digital’ interactions consisted mostly of sneaking to watch cartoons early in the morning at weekends, shouting out answers to the questions being asked in the programmes we were watching and making imaginary shapes out when our chunky TV set struggled to find signal. It’s mind-boggling to…

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Great Children’s Books in Spanish for this Christmas

Reading is Spanish this Christmas can be one of your children’s favourite activity. Books are an amazing resource to spark and nurture your children’s interest in other languages. Not only are they visually fun and helpful as a language learning tool but they also create a great way to share time together which is by…

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Reading in Spanish, how can I teach my child? Tips and resources

Reading in Spanish, how can I help my child? Tips and resources. Children are curious about reading, if you are learning Spanish together or you speak Spanish at home, here is what you can do to start the process of reading in Spanish. When should I start? The very first step begins as soon as…

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3 crafts and activities to learn and practice Spanish winter vocabulary

In this blog post I am putting together 3 crafts and activities to learn and practice Spanish winter vocabulary.   Create your own snow. I haven’t seen any snow so far this winter, but with this activity you can enjoy making a mini snow man from home. You will need: Corn starch Shaving foam A…

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If you could, would you offer a Second Language at your Nursery?

would you offer a second Language at your nursery?

If you could, would you offer a second language at your nursery? The early years forms a critical stage in children’s development and all educators strive to maximise children’s potentials. When educators are looking for well rounded curricula that will fulfil  the promise of  a better education to offer our children the very best opportunity at…

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Learn the colours in English and Spanish

learn the colours in English and Spanish

Why not learn the colours in English and Spanish at the same time. Children love colours and parents play a main role in helping them learn, here are some useful tips to help children learn the colours in English and Spanish. Children usually learn about colour during their preschool years. The ability to identify colours…

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