5 things to do this January to enjoy and practise your Spanish skills

Practise and enjoy your Spanish Skills, here is how to:

Do you speak Spanish, like the culture want to practice and enjoy your language skills?

This blog post is for you!

Here are 5 things you can do this January to enjoy and practise your Spanish skills.

I have looked around for events, places and opportunities where you will be able to enjoy, get in touch with the Spanish and Latin culture and use your Spanish skills.

London is a great place to practise any language.

You will always find things to do that are related to different cultures and languages.

I hope you find these tips helpful and enjoyable:

Go to the theatre

The Cervantes Theatre is London’s first venue dedicated to showcasing Spanish and Latin American plays, which are performed in both Spanish and English.The STC itself, the company behind the theatre, acts as a cultural link between the UK and both Spain and Latin America.

To check what’s on click here

 Eat out

Check out the latest Spanish restaurant opening in London.

Ex Barrafina chef Nieves Barragan opens her own restaurant.

I’ve been huge fan of Barrafina over the years . So when news broke that Nieves Barragan’s was moving on, I was eager to see what was next. And now Sabor has been revealed as her own restaurant.

Have a look at their website here

I can’t wait to try it out myself!

Stay In

One of my most efficient tools when learning, practising and enjoying other languages has always been watching TV series or films on the target language. If you have a good level I would recommend having the subtitles in the same language. If you are looking into learning and expanding vocabulary and expressions the subtitles on your own language will be very useful!

Here are my recommendations of Netflix Spanish speaking series:

  1. Velvet: A love story set in the glamorous fashion world of 1950s Madrid.
  2. Tiempo enter Costuras: Charming spy drama set during the Spanish Civil War. The pace is a little slow but it’s worth a watch just for the gorgeous locations in Spain, Morocco, and Portugal.
  3. Ingovernable: I haven’t started watching this thriller, but it is next on my list. Lots of Mexican slang, especially the chilanguismos spoken in Mexico City, and great location shots of the capital. Interestingly, the main character, Kate del Castillo’s parts had to be filmed in San Diego, because the actress risked arrest in her home country. She is wanted by authorities for having met with drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán while he was on the run in 2015. Real life meets narconovela!
  1. El internado: I’ m not sure I will watch this one but it comes highly recommended. Suspenseful mystery thriller set at a remote boarding school in Spain that blends supernatural elements, drama, and romance.

A date to look forward to: a concert from Natalia Lafourcade

Natalia Lafourcade is an innovative, Grammy-winning singer/songwriter with a major following in the Americas and beyond – this is her first show in London. Her music weaves sounds from her native Mexico with elements of jazz, rock, bossa nova and folk. Born in Veracruz to musical parents, she studied guitar and piano, and began writing songs at an early age. You can book the tickets at the venue: KokoMonday 12 February.

Enjoy some contemporary Spanish art.

9 Spanish speaking artists have come together to show their work at the New Art Space Art Cafe London in partnership with L’Ulivo Leicester Square restaurant.

Luna 13 Galeria will present a group exhibition of contemporary artists in the new art space underneath L’Ulivo restaurant in Leicester Square, London.

The artist’s works range from contemporary painting, photography, mixed technique, drawing or collage.

This free exhibition will be held at Art Cafe London located at 14-15 Irving street London WC2H 7AU, from saturday 2th January to 19th of february from 11 to 17:00 hours.

I hope I have given you enough ideas to enjoy our beautiful language and our rich latin culture.

If you want to pass on your love of Spanish to your children check out our classes in SW London our our online courses for pre school children.

Hasta pronto


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