Great toys and games ideas for your little Spanish learners

In this blog post I am very happy to share my last findings on great toys and games for your little Spanish learners.

I love to find good games that can be used to promote language learning at home, they have been a great help for me to keep the Spanish language going with my children.

Playing games that promote language skills are very valuable at any age, even as adults! And the great advantage of introducing a second language in early childhood is that you can promote all your languages at the same time since they will support each other and it’s double the fun!

Babies’ and young children’s language development is strongly influenced by the language they hear spoken around them and to them. The more babies and young children are exposed to language, the more opportunities they’ll have to practice their developing communication skills. Playing with them is one way more to interact and use different vocabulary and different contexts.

It is important to remember that babies’ receptive language is much more developed than their expressive language at this point. While babies may speak few words, they are able to comprehend the meaning of hundreds more.

As toddlers enter their second year, their ability to use language becomes more obvious. They continue to acquire words and to increase the number of words they understand. They learn words that are significant or important to them, such as the names of favourite toys and people. It’s certainly a great time to make great games their favourites!

So here are my favourite ones:

For our younger learners:

To practice colours and counting from 18 months:

This lovely wooden Rainbow has endless possibilities

Here is an other rainbow with one extra colour 


To start identifying numbers this is a lovely toy:

Hape counting Stacker

To practise animals vocabulary

This puzzle and balance game is a great option.

With this you can practice: elefante (elephant), rinoceronte (Rhinoceros), cocodrilo (crocodile), tortuga (turtle or tortoise), burro (donkey), gallina (chicken), orangutan (orangutan), jirafa (giraffe), conejo (rabbit), erizo (hedgehog), serpiente (snake).

A similar game is this Safari Stack: from one of my favourite toys websites

From 3 years old

Some more animal vocabulary to practise here but also great for attention and fine motor skills:

Pallina Ocean’s Rescue

for those of you with children from 4 or up for a challenge to practise your Spanish skills too

why not try: Brainbox abc en español

I hope you find this blog post useful, let me know if you have any questions on ideas or tips on how to best use this games to encourage your little ones to practice and learn Spanish.

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Have fun learning!

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