Practice Spanish with your children, your toddler will love these books!

Practice Spanish with your children

This is a great way to practice Spanish with your children. We love these books, and we are sure your toddler will love them too!

I am sure my dad read to me every bedtime, I can’t quite remember but I do remember him reading to my little brother and me, at 14, telling him to stop reading to him, that he was already 7!

Well, I still read to my now 7 year old and I certainly enjoy it, most of the times… and I hope he does too!; we tend to be quite dramatic at reading time, let’s not forget a lifetime love for reading must come from some silly routines in our childhood years and of course I do need a bit of a laugh at this point in the evening! We know this is the best way to practice Spanish with your children.

Of course our choice of books can now be more varied, alleluia! But I do remember the times when it was the same book every single night!

If you are nodding we might, together, be able to convince your toddler to try something new?

Here is a list of good fun reading books that hopefully you and your toddler can enjoy and practise some Spanish skills:


  1. El Monstruo de Colores: Children love to talk about emotions and they certainly love when you act them out. Anna Llenas is a designer and illustrator and this is beautiful book. 
  2.  Un Libro: A playful book which shows just a yellow circle to begging with, what will happen next? Hervé Tullet
  3. Si yo fuera un León. Isabel Pin. Can you roar like a lion, croak like a frog? Show me!


  1. Antonio Rubio y Oscar Millán. A tactile book from a marvellous collection.


  1. Todos Bostezan. The best book to go to sleep, yawning is contagious!


Enjoy this little collection of books and the pleasure of spending time with your toddler while both of you are having fun! and learning but shhh! All available in Amazon.

If you would like to see other activities to do with your children, check out our Parents page.

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