Great toys and games ideas for your little Spanish learners

In this blog post I am very happy to share my last findings on great toys and games for your little Spanish learners. I love to find good games that can be used to promote language learning at home, they have been a great help for me to keep the Spanish language going with my…

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Q&A: How Nano Spanish club can offer extra learning at home

On this blog post we are showcasing one of our parents using Nano Spanish club as an extra learning resource at home. Jimmy comes to our Monday classes with his 2 year old son, Séamus, and signed up to the online membership before the summer to continue the language exposure at home and to share…

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If you could, would you offer a Second Language at your Nursery?

would you offer a second Language at your nursery?

If you could, would you offer a second language at your nursery? The early years forms a critical stage in children’s development and all educators strive to maximise children’s potentials. When educators are looking for well rounded curricula that will fulfil  the promise of  a better education to offer our children the very best opportunity at…

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