If you could, would you offer a Second Language at your Nursery?

would you offer a second Language at your nursery?

If you could, would you offer a second language at your nursery?

The early years forms a critical stage in children’s development and all educators strive to maximise children’s potentials.

When educators are looking for well rounded curricula that will fulfil  the promise of  a better education to offer our children the very best opportunity at long-term success, learning a second language would be a good step to achieve great expectations.

Learning a second is an intellectual exercise, the more children do it, the more this process strengthens their intellectual capabilities just like any exercise builds muscles.

But what are the realities and practicalities at Early Year settings?

Most will not have a language teacher as part of their staff, nor are many language teachers trained to teach young children.

What is the best way to make teaching a second language at Early Years viable?

I, based on my experience and research, believe that utilising enthusiastic and involved practitioners paired with the right resources is all you need for successful language teaching at Early Years.

Children are always extremely curious, even the quieter more reluctant characters will observe anything that is out of the ordinary, any different event, their minds are geared to sort things out.

Children are highly motivated, intelligent learners, who actively seek interactions with the people around them. They have ‘built-in’ exploratory tendencies, and engage all their senses to investigate and master tools and resources, to develop their skills, and to build their knowledge and understanding of the world.

A successful language programme would be one that focuses and enhances the children’s playful learning experiences, that is active, allows them to move and involves them physically. One that provides the right resources, like action songs, musical activities, ideas for craft activities and effective visual props.

Having access to a step by step guide on how to deliver each session would guarantee not only an enjoyable language learning experience for the children, but also a great opportunity for the practitioners to learn new skills!

The outcome should be a celebration of other languages, a spark that will start an enjoyable language learning journey, a door opening for future adventures.

Nano Spanish Club wants to make this possible; Having run very successful classes at nurseries and trained our teachers I decided to share my programme with the absolute certainty that it can really work as a solution for nurseries that value the opportunity of being able to teach a second language and might have time or budget restrictions.

As all feedback is essential to make have successful outcome, I am offering a free lesson for nurseries and Early Years setting to try out the programme and let us know what they think.

Try our FREE Early Years Sample here.

Get in touch if you want to have a chat about our resources and how to use them at your setting.

Find a bit more info here.

If you are in London and would prefer one of our teachers to deliver the sessions here is what to do.

Happy learning!

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