Are you learning Spanish with your children? These tips on TV programmes can help

Learning Spanish with your children

Learning Spanish with your children could be your great plan from this summer. A fantastic way to spend time together doing something educational and fun. We have a lot of tips on our blog to help out and today I want to share some educational programmes that can add to your learning Spanish with your…

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Using your hands, a powerful learning tool

According to developmental experts, manual dexterity is directly tied to cognitive development. “It’s through her hands that your baby demonstrates the link between thought and action,” says Rhoda Erhardt, a paediatric occupational therapist in who specializes in hand function. That’s why it’s important to track your child’s hand development and encourage her fine motor skills.…

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Give it a go, learn Spanish with your children

learn spanish with children

It is time to give it a go! Learn Spanish with your children. You learned a language at school, you loved playing around with the different sounds in your mouth, a bit like chewing gum: “Bonjour mon ami” pursing your lips, bringing the ‘r’ down to your throat, giving your hair a flick in real…

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