Q & A how to use Nano Spanish Club to learn Spanish at home

How to use Nano Spanish Club as a resource to learn Spanish at home. One of our members shares her views and experience. How old is your child/ children? 2 years old. What was the main reason that made you sign up for Nano Spanish Club online resources?  Working full time, there aren’t many classes for early…

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Great toys and games ideas for your little Spanish learners

In this blog post I am very happy to share my last findings on great toys and games for your little Spanish learners. I love to find good games that can be used to promote language learning at home, they have been a great help for me to keep the Spanish language going with my…

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Q&A: How Nano Spanish club can offer extra learning at home

On this blog post we are showcasing one of our parents using Nano Spanish club as an extra learning resource at home. Jimmy comes to our Monday classes with his 2 year old son, Séamus, and signed up to the online membership before the summer to continue the language exposure at home and to share…

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Teach Spanish to your toddler

Toddler- hood the best time to learn September can be a great time to start something new, why not teach Spanish to your toddler. The idea might sound a bit crazy when you think that they are only starting to speak their first language, but this is exactly why it is the optimal time to…

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Plant a Nano Flower this Summer and Learn Spanish

Plant a Nano Flower

Plant a Nano flower this summer and learn Spanish. Watch our video where we will show you how to plant a Nano flower. If you have been attending our classes this term you have most probably got a little present from Nano, but if you haven’t, watch our video so you can plant your Nano…

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3 great books for summer reading and learning Spanish with your little ones

read and learn Spanish

I want to share with you these 3 great books for summer reading and learning Spanish with your little ones. From early infancy, reading to your baby begins to teach her to recognise the sounds and rhythm of language and to feel that cuddling with you and reading books is comforting and fun. You can…

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Learning outside the box

learning outside the box

At Nanos Spanish we love everything to do with languages and we are proud to be part of a community with great projects promoting them, particularly if it also involves learning outside the box. In this blog post we want to let you know about our friends from Pencil and Fork who are not only…

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5 Great YouTube Channels to Learn Spanish

5 great youtube channels to learn Spanish

This blog post is for you, parents, here is a list of 5 great youtube channels to learn Spanish. Language learning is not an easy task and lots of factor come into play to make a success of it but if you already find yourself spending some of your time looking at Youtube videos why…

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Music is a powerful tool to learn Spanish with your children

Music is a powerful tool to learn Spanish, children love music and singing and they love repetition, the best ingredients to learn! Do you remember singing all those simple nursery rhymes from childhood? If the first part of a familiar song text is given, most of us will finish singing the song, even if we…

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3 crafts and activities to learn and practice Spanish winter vocabulary

In this blog post I am putting together 3 crafts and activities to learn and practice Spanish winter vocabulary.   Create your own snow. I haven’t seen any snow so far this winter, but with this activity you can enjoy making a mini snow man from home. You will need: Corn starch Shaving foam A…

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