Great Children’s Books in Spanish for this Christmas

Reading is Spanish this Christmas can be one of your children’s favourite activity.

Books are an amazing resource to spark and nurture your children’s interest in other languages.

Not only are they visually fun and helpful as a language learning tool but they also create a great way to share time together which is by far the most powerful learning weapon.

Here are my top recommendations for reading in Spanish this Christmas of recently published books for children ages 1 to 3+

Diez gusanitos duermen”, Marta Comín, ed. A Buen Paso (+1)

This is an interactive book about 10 little worms that have different dreams where they become different animals. A fun finger play book to play and learn.

“Lola busca su cola”, Lilith Moscon y Francesco Chiacchio, ed. Combel (+2 )

A playful book where Lola the snake is looking for her tail, will she find it?

“Mixmax de animales”, Annette Tamarkin, ed. Combel (+2 )

Super fun book with flipping hard pages to create mix match animals to help children with courtesy and manners ( when do we say please, thank you, sorry, good morning, welcome).

“Si yo fuera un panda”, Ana Galán y Mariana Nemitz, ed. Almadraba (+2)

Beautiful book to learn about ourselves and about Panda bears. Great photos and illustrations in white background to keep the little one’s attention. Great interactive reading with questions to participate.

¿Te aburres, Minimoni?”, Rocio Bonilla, ed. Algar (+3 )

Minimoni has lots to do, learn about what she days each day of the week and what does she do on Sundays! Great illustrations.

These are some of my favourites of this year.

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